Fantastic Deal for Pre-Registration Training

PharmaPlus is proud to announce a continuation of the pre-registration course with Buttercups for pre-reg students.

The pre-registration course has significantly changed over the past two years – and will continue to change. Buttercups has taken this into account and has changed the structure of the course to ensure that your pre-reg student has the best chance of passing their exams. The course will cover:

  • New Style Mock Registration Assessment
  • New Style Calculations
  • MUR Assessment – new for 2017
  • Minor Ailments and Responding to Symptoms
  • Law and Ethics
  • Communication Skills and Self Awareness
  • Clinical Topics by BNF Chapter
  • NHS Community Pharmacy Contract
  • Medicines Optimisation (includes MURs and NMS)
  • The Drug Tariff, Hosiery, Dressing and Stomacare
  • Pharmacy Management
  • First Aid Training

The course will be held on the following dates.

1. Saturday 10th September 2016
2. Saturday 15th October 2016
3. Saturday 12th November 2016
4. Saturday 7th January 2017
5. Saturday 11th February 2017
6. Saturday 11th March 2017
7. Saturday 6th May 2017
8. Saturday 13th May 2017

There is also an additional free tutor training day on the 14th July 2016 that you can attend to refresh your skills as a tutor!

This deal is available for PharmaPlus members only. As mentioned above all the dates for the pre-registration training are on Saturdays and will be held at a Central London Venue – Marriott Hotel, Grosvenor Square, London.

Note that places are limited to 30 students and you are advised to get your application in as soon as possible.

To apply, please contact us to complete our application form on 0208 863 4144 or alternatively email it back to us at

Fantastic Deal for Pre-Registration Training