Our Services

We offer a huge range of services to our members and we believe our offer to be one of the best on the market. Full details of our offers are available to all members.

Our head office team continually strives to work on your behalf to both improve the current offering and source additional services that will be of benefit to you and your pharmacy business.

For more information, click on our brochure to download more information about us or alternatively contact us.

We are always on the lookout for new and exciting ideas to support our members. We regularly scout the markets for grants and other forms of business aid. This information is then passed onto our members who can access funds that would otherwise have gone unnoticed. We are also developing a new service to allow a specially trained business professional to provide you with one-on-one tailored advice for your pharmacy.

Supply Discounts
We have in excess of 30 suppliers to provide you with the best possible discount available. We use our collective power of 200 members to negotiate the best rates. Our suppliers deal with all elements of the pharmaceutical market and we have recently included a vaccination supplier into our extensive portfolio.

Loyalty payments and rebates
We offer all our members payment related to rebates and loyalty. The actual size of the rebate depends on the extent our services have been used and often more than exceeds the membership fee that is paid at the beginning of the year.

Patient Group Directions (PGDs) and Travel Clinics
We have fantastic deals with a variety of PGD suppliers throughout the UK. Our prices are second to none and we provide significant discounts on all PGDs. Our flagship pharmacy travel clinic enables you to provide all of the essential prescription vaccinations and medication to travellers without the involvement of the GP.

We are able to provide support for use of both private screening and diagnostic services to support your patients and help them remain healthy and active!

Independent Prescribing
We have partnered up with various academic institutions to provide our members with heavily discounted offerings on short courses. We are currently extending this range to include independent prescribing courses.

Clinical Services
A whole host of different clinical services to meet the needs of your pharmacy and the clinical commissioning group that you happen to work in. Some recent examples include atrial fibrillation and dermatology services. More work is currently being conducted into other areas to develop new and exciting services with a variety of providers and the industry.

Free and regular webinars to support in your clinical and business development. All the webinars include a CPD component that can be used to support your professional requirements. Training seminars also involve a component for counter assistant staff to ensure that your training needs are not forgotten about.

Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs)
Standard operating procedures to meet all of your requirements for the pharmacy. These procedures are available for download on demand. Should any other protocols be required, they can be requested free of charge by asking our dedicated head office support. We have over 700 pages in our SOP portfolio and it is constantly being revamped and

A Private Doctor Service
A service that will allow the request of a private prescription from a doctor where current protocols will not allow the supply of a medication or product.

Counter Staff Training
We have one of the best deals available with a leading trainer of counter staff.

Pre-reg Student Training
We provide a tailor-made solution to preregistration training. This course is heavily discounted by our providers and is one of the best rates on the market.

Service Case Development
We are able to support you to put together bids for specific pharmacy services in your area. We are able to also support you to develop your own case proposals for consideration at a clinical commissioning group or local authority.

Training Evenings
We provide a variety of training evenings to discuss pharmacy based issues. These conferences have been very well attended in the past and continue to be one of the greater features of our offering.

News Updates
We provide a free weekly news brief to all of our members. This newsletter highlights the important issues that have arisen and provides details of the new offers that we have negotiated on your behalf.

Student Training
We have worked closely with academic organisations to provide you with funding to take on a student for experience purposes. Students are the future of this proud profession and we are glad that we can help mould the next generation of pharmacists!

Continuing Professional Development (CPD)
We will support you in your CPD evaluation process. We have many sample CPD entries that can provide the necessary foundation for your submission.

Our brand new members area provides you with access to information and downloadable documentation 24 hours a day! Additionally, we can help you develop your own to increase the reach of your business!

The PharmaPlus Golf Tournament
Are you a golfer? Fancy participating in the PharmaPlus golf tournament? We meet twice a year both locally and abroad so that you can show off your skills to the rest of the membership and earn a shot at the PharmaPlus trophy!

One-on-one advice
We are currently in the process of setting up a new service to allow our members to be visited by specially trained individuals who will provide them with guidance and information relating to business and professional objectives.

Any further ideas or comments?
We are very responsive to the needs of our membership and you will find that we will work closely with our members on suggestions and changing requirements. Give us a ring on 020 8863 3335 or download our brochure for more information!