Pharmacy Funding Cuts Seminars

Thank you to all of you who attended the funding cuts seminars this week. We hope that you found the session useful and that you have a much better understanding on what is to come.

We have attached several documents to this post to help you. Please find attached:

1) A copy of the presentation

2) A copy of the ‘cuts calculator’

3) A copy of the Pharmacy Access Scheme ‘flowchart’ diagram

We took photographs of your Planning Sheets for the evening and this is your promise to yourself on how you will beat these cuts. We intend to forward these sheets to you in about a month or so to help you to keep on track and to ensure that you keep to your commitment.

Remember to contact the office if you would like the ‘EPS’ reminder each month. It will help you to keep on track of what your competition are doing. 

Thank you once again for your time. We hope that it was well invested.

Best wishes

PharmaPlus Team

Pharmacy Funding Cuts Seminars