PharmaPlus WhatsApp Group

Are you a member of our PharmaPlus WhatsApp group? If not, then you may want to consider joining.
PharmaPlus is not just about a few people at head office supporting you though difficult times. We are a community based support group and use the combined intellectual might and experience of the group to help our members and not just rely on a small group of head office based pharmacists.
Many of the queries we get on the group are answered quickly and efficiently by other contractors who have had a similar experience to you. Some just want to discuss current affairs. Some may need urgent support or advice on an issue on the weekend when normal office hours are closed.
Our WhatsApp group has over 80 very experienced pharmacists and contractors who can help you.
Why not join the group and benefit from:
  • Up to date news releases from PharmaPlus
  • Support from pharmacists who are online and willing to offer you advice from their own experience
  • Discussions and opinions on events that you may need help dealing with
Any other topic that you need support …
Email us back a reply providing us with the following if you would like to join.
  • Your name
  • Pharmacy name
  • Mobile number
  • Make sure you have WhatsApp downloaded on your phone!
Please note that this service is only for members and their pharmacy managers/locums and moderators control content according to our guidelines.
PharmaPlus WhatsApp Group